Reading Features
  1. 24/7 Read Access

    Access your reads when you want them.

  2. Reads Updated Daily

    Near Real-Time reads when possible.

  3. Raw Clean Data

    Absolutely NO data manipulation.

  4. Data Collector Information

    When possible call information is displayed.

  5. Multi-Level User Access

    From top tier management to end user access.

Report Features
  1. On-Demand Reporting

    Reports whenever you need them.

  2. Multiple Report Formats

    Pre-Made reports for a variety of billing systems.

  3. FTP Service

    Get reads sent to you daily.

  4. Customizable Reports

    Make the custom report you need.

  5. Instant Reads Download

    No waiting for the data you need

Analytics Features
  1. Current System Status

    See any problems at a glance.

  2. Statistical Graphing

    Detect leaks and view usage trends easily.

  3. Daily Analysis

    Get a complete overview of the property daily.

  4. Centralized Dashboards

    Single place for executives to analyze your property.

  5. Programming Data

    See transmitter programming information to assist with problems.

  6. Customizable Settings

    Customizable settings for each property for more hands on management.

We currently support these Systems: